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Departure Monday
You can navigate dates by using cursor keys
  • Left: previous day
  • Right: next day
  • Up: previous week
  • Down: next week
  • Page up: prev month
  • Page down: next month
  • Alt + Page up: prev year
  • Alt + Page down: next year
  • Home: today, or closest selectable date
  • Enter: select date
  • Escape: close calendar and return to the text input
  • Up or Down (while inside the text input): open calendar

Benefits & Values

Our company guarantees absolute discretion on any price subject to availability. Our price guarantee, by publishing promotions that are equally comparable to other sites, gives us the confidence to return any difference of amount to our customer, if another offer in the market promotes a more competitive price.

Trust & Experience

With more than 30 years of service, we are the preferred travel agency for over 350,000 people in Puerto Rico.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated team of expert in all our travel agencies and call centers at your disposal. Call us, or send us your information, Contact us now!


We have 2 travel agencies in Puerto Rico, located in San Juan and Mayagüez.


We have the latest and most secure travel technology. We take care of our clients' data under the strictest parameters of the market.